Accounting Software

    Ever since itsí first launch SMatrix Accounting has proved to be one of the simplest and user-friendly business accounting systems available to help people maintain their business accounts.
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SMatrix is a simple and user-friendly business accounting software that has revolutionized the way people maintain their accounts. Matrix is easy to learn and use, despite being powerful software with many features. The software can be easily understood and used by a layman who has no accounting knowledge.

SMatrix New Generation 5.02 - the latest version of Matrix for Windows NT and XP Operating Systems is a true 32-bit application. It utilizes the maximum power and performance of today’s advanced hardware and provides the user with the most preferred solution, backed by all the benefits of a state-of-the art technology.

SMatrix Accounting available in both Single User Version and Multi-User Version and comes at an affordable price depending on the size of your organization. You can select the version based on the number users who will use SMatrix.