Mobile POS for Microsoft Dynamics Nav & AX

Mobile POS Accounting is a term used to describe those applications in which goods and services are bought and sold in a mobile environment. A Mobile POS System is a business software system or ERP system that captures, records, and costs sales transactions for retailer can use mobile trolley for sales or can use at counter as an additional POS machine during peak hours

To be a full Mobile POS system, the mobile systems will function under the direct or indirect control of a central accounting system. In essence it is a mobile point of sale system. A Mobile POS system will usually include specialized functions and reports for mobile inventory control & management, mobile device management, remote settlement systems, and management reporting.  With SMatrix Mobile POS Solutions, you can provide the highest level of customer service and increase the number of sites a driver can visit each day.

SMatrix Mobile POS is a fully-integrated Retail Mobile POS application solution. Designed to move product and improve performance, SMatrix Mobile POS supports the business and operational requirements of Retailers and distributors.

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How it Works

SMatrix Mobile POS - works in three simple steps:

  1. Your mobile sales force processes transactions with handheld computers and Printer which runs SMatrix Mobile POS application
  2. SMatrix Mobile POS get the Master from your SMatrix Mobile POS ERP Server and stores it in the MOBILE. Unlike other MOBILE solution, SMatrix Mobile POS works standalone without any internet connection making it easier for you to bill anywhere in the countryside.
  3. Transactions are instantaneously integrated into your SMatrix accounting system through GPRS or HSDPA (3G) connection to your Server. SMatrix Mobile POS saves the transaction in the MOBILE SQL CE database in case of connection not available right way, the update will happen automatically once connections are restored

System Components

SMatrix ERP Accounting & Inventory Module™

SMatrix Touch & Go Mobile POS

System Requirements

Integration of SMatrix Mobile POS

Matrix Mobile POS can be integrated with the following applications instantly.

  • Dynamics NAV
  • Dynamics AX
  • LS Retail
  • Oracle Retail
  • Any other ERP working with SQL Database

Benefits of Mobile POS

  • It saves valuable retail space since there is no need of dedicated counter.
  • Create and edit invoices - reduce the time between delivery and payment, you can even accept payments on the retail floor
  • Print receipts on the floor
  • Allows you to clear the long queue during the peak hours.
  • Allows you to sell using mobile trolley by reaching out to the customer instead customer reaching you.
  • Connect directly to your accounting or SMatrix ERP system - by allowing all information to be shared you can spend less time crunching numbers and more time making money
  • Replace Expensive Forms - Take advantage of handheld Printer receipts, which cost much less than two-part forms.


Key features of SMatrix Touch & Go Mobile POS include:

·        Real-time invoicing or offline Invoicing

  • End-of-day settlement & mobile server update
  • Reporting and analytics.
  • Load customers, items, prices, tax schedules, sales reps from your accounting system to the host ready for transfer to each handheld.
  • Transfer invoices transactions back to your corporate host.
  • Generate reports on MOBILE productivity.
  • Create advanced promotion pricing models that meet your specific your ERP software which will be captured by the MOBILE.

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